I would like to thank all Home Owners, Contractors, Interior Designer's
Tile supplier's and installers. Everyone that I have done business with.
And hope I have given you the best quality and proffesional job
That each and every one of you were looking for and deserve.
Thank you  Jeff Andrews
The links that are provided and advertising pages that
promote's you and your business are free
I hope that this will help your business..
(feel free to send any info for your page)
In Appreciation
Here you can find a contractor for your next project.
From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to additions
even from ground up New Homes
If your looking for a Designer or special tile for your project
or you need a profesional tile installer
you may want to call upon one in my list.
From realtors to pavers, outdoor lighting etc...
Home owners that I have done work for.
(promoting their business)
Builders/Remodeling Contractors
Interior Designer's
Tile Suppliers/Installers
Miscellaneouse Professions